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To begin

Everyone is welcome in the dojos. There are no expectations, other than those that you come with. At your own pace, attuned to who you are, you start the research and learn step by step to apply techniques, fall, roll and protect yourself under increasing pressure.

And then…

The training in the dojos of Aikido Amsterdam is dynamic and physical. The emphasis is on the connection with the partner. Aikido can be practiced at all ages. There are clear agreements about the course of the exercises and the role of the partners. This makes the dojo a stimulating and safe place to train.

The lessons are mixed men and women. The only willingness is to grow physically and take you mentally. In this way you achieve the optimal balance within your personal physical and mental boundaries. Your own development process is central.


Monday Palmstraat
15.45-16.45: Kids 6-9
17.00-18.00: Kids 9-12
18.30-19.30: Beginners
19.30-20.30: Intermediate
20.30-21.30: Advanced.

Tuesday Palmstraat
12.30-13.30: All Levels
13.30-14.30: Weapons

Weapon classes: either bokken or jo.

Wednesday Wenckebachweg
13.45-14.45: Toddlers 4-6
15.15-16.15: Kids/ Parents

Kids/ parents classes as from 7 years, parents can join the classes with their kids.

Thursday Palmstraat
19.30-20.30: Beginners
20.30-21.30: Advanced

Friday Palmstraat
09.00-10.00: All
10.30-12.00: Chi Kung
15.45-16.45: Toddlers 4-6
17.00-18.00: Kids/ Parents

Sunday Palmstraat
Kyu preparation monthly


Adults € 47,50 Monthly

Kids € 30,00 Monthly

Toddlers € 40,00 Monthly

Dutch Aikikai Foundation
€ 15,00 Kids Yearly
€ 35,00 Adults Yearly

Maintenance De Palm
€ 20,00 Yearly

Payments at Account
of T.G.B. Dijkman

Payments DAF at Account
Stichting Aikikai Holland
Postbus 128, 1000AC Amsterdam

28 Apr 2019

Kyu grade preparation

Kyu grade preparation Aikido Amsterdam
Lead by Tom Dijkman & Andra Perrin
Dojo Palmstraat 34
13.30-15.00 & 15.15-16.45
Costs € 10,00

28 Apr 2019

3th Dan preparation DAF

3th Dan Preparation lead by Tom Dijkman
Sporthal De Pijp, dojo
Lizzy Ansingh straat 88 Amsterdam

11 May 2019

Intense Weekend Seminar lead by Tom Dijkman

Aikdo Intensive Course in the heart of Amsterdam
Limited Places (max. 20 persons)
Location: Dojo Aikido Amsterdam Palmstraat 34 (15 min walk from Central Station Amsterdam)
Information: / 0031610157451
Price: € 50,00 Full weekend

12.30-14.30 Aikido
14.30-16.00 Lunch
16.00-18.00 Aikido
18.00-18.30 Reflection
Evening Diner

10.00-12.00 Aikido
12.00-13.00 Weapons
13.00-15.00 Lunch
15.00-17.00 Aikido
17.00-17.30 Reflection

19 May 2019

3th Dan preparation DAF

3th Dan Preparation lead by Tom Dijkman
Sporthal De Pijp, dojo
Lizzy Ansingh straat 88 Amsterdam

08 Jun 2019

Christian Tissier in the Netherlands

Christian Tissier in the Netherlands
Seminar wil take place at Papendal

29 Jun 2019

Kyu grade preparation

Kyu grade preparation Aikido Amsterdam
Lead by Tom Dijkman
Dojo Palmstraat 34
13.30-15.00 & 15.15-16.45
Costs € 15,00

30 Jun 2019

3th Dan preparation DAF

3th Dan Preparation lead by Tom Dijkman
Sporthal De Pijp, dojo
Lizzy Ansingh straat 88 Amsterdam

26 Jul 2019



19 Oct 2019

Autumn school DAF

The autumn school takes place on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October 2019.

Saturday, October 19
10.00-11.10 Sachien Raghoe (Bokken)
11.20-12.30 Joop Leduc
14.30-15.40 Tom Dijkman
15.50-16.30 Caroline Bied-Charreton

Sunday, October 20
10.00-11.10 Sachien Raghoe (Bokken)
11.20-12.30 Joop Leduc
14.30-15.40 Caroline Bied-Charreton
15.50-16.30 Tom Dijkman

Venue will follow

Costs € 55.00 weekend, € 35.00 day and € 20.00 day part

Information Caroline 06-27008768 or Tom 06-10157451

who we are

Tom Dijkman

Tom is the founder and head teacher of Aikido Amsterdam. He has been practicing Aikido for over 25 years. In 2019, he received his 6th Dan (6th degree black belt) in Aikikai Aikido. He regularly travels the world to learn more and to deepen his understanding of Aikido which he enthusiastically brings back to his students. Tom is a member of the technical board of the Dutch Aikikai Foundation and in this role he teaches the preparation classes for the 3th Dan grade once a month. Tom also teaches seminars in the Netherlands and abroad. He has a long term relationship with Aikido in CapeTown, South Africa and has also taught classes in Germany, Sweden, Norway and Italy. In the Aikido Amsterdam dojo, Tom teaches most classes, and the other instructor’s play a supporting role and replace him when he is away.

Andra Perrin

44 year has been practicing Aikido since 2005. Together with Tom, she teaches the children's classes and the parent / child joint class. Andra also teaches the beginner's class on Thursday and replaces Tom when he is abroad. Since 2018, Andra started the Budokids classes for children from 3 years on. Her wish is to provide the youngest children with a broad movement base. Aside from Aikido, Andra has a practise as a Shiatsu therapist, she graduated from the Zen shiatsu school in 2008. Since 10 years she has practised Chi Kung and teaches regular classes. She also works at Thnk and gives in company training as a presence developer.

Andrea Raviglione

45 year, has been practicing Aikido for more than 20 years, he holds the 3rd Dan in Aikikai Aikido and previously founded his own dojo in Stavanger, Norway. He currently lives and works in the Netherlands and is associated with Aikido Amsterdam. For Andrea Aikido is his only passion and drive in life and he travels around the world to see various teachers. Andrea is together with Andra the permanent replacement for Tom if he is not present.

Aurel Chaoul Pelleg

Aurel has been practicing Aikido for 32 years and holds the 1st Dan in Aikikai Aikido. He has successfully completed the teacher training program of Aikido Netherlands. Aurel is the permanent assistant for the various children's classes in the dojo and replaces Tom for these classes when he is travelling. Aurel has a gift to deal with children and is the confidant of the dojo. Besides Aikido Aurel works as a therapist with personal energy management, and he is intensely involved in permaculture projects in and around Amsterdam, for private and public purposes.

Dennis ter Haar

41 years, Has been practicing Aikido since December 2000 and holds the 2nd Dan in Aikikai Aikido. Dennis has been training with Tom Dijkman for a long time and regularly teaches at the dojo of Aikido Amsterdam when Tom is travelling. Dennis has the gift to shape his lessons with great attention to detail. A lot of inspiration for his lessons is derived from the clear Aikido style of Christian Tissier Shihan.

Coen Septer

47 year, Has been a member at Aikido Amsterdam since the foundation of the dojo. He is the in-house designer of everything that relates to Aikido Amsterdam. Besides training Aikido on a weekly basis, he is a passionate birdwatcher, and a great draftsman.

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